v9.5 Release Notes – Feb 1st 2022

Version 9.5 represents a new release and build encompassing the following products:


GINO v9.5
GINOMENU Studio v9.5

Product Enhancements Database
Bug-Fix Database

Product Enhancements

PER Product Name Summary Version
864 SVG – Scalable Vector Graphics Driver A new Scalable Vector Graphics driver (gSvg) has been added to the GINO library generating vector graphics metaflles suitable to be added to HTML pages. No pixel images are included. 9.5
1026 GINO Library The default output file name for metafile output has been changed from ‘driver.out’ to ‘program.ext’, with an extension appripriate to the metaile being produced. 9.5
1311   2D Polyline elevation code (30) is now interpreted by GINO’s DXF input routines. 9.5
1388   The handling of ICO files in gGetImageFile() and gPutImageFile() has been enhanced to read or write all possible Windows icon sizes up to 256×256 pixles with either 16, 256 or true colour formats. 9.5
1391   The routine gEnqDXFEntities() has been enhanced to include a count of the number of INSERT’s and BLOCKS’s in the DXF file. 9.5
1393   The routine gGetDXFFile() now interprets SPLINE entities from a DXF file. 9.5
1394   An option to generate multi-image Windows ICO file (GMULTIICOFILE) has been added to gPutImageFile. In addition to the largest icon possible from the pixel image passed, all permitted smaller icons are also generated with suitably reduced quality. 9.5
1399   Seven additional example programs have been added to the set of GINO set to show and test additional facilities in the GINO library. 9.5
1400   The structure GCHASTY has been extended to include charatcter mode and transformation state such that the differences between the normal and segment character attribute enquiry routines have been resolved. 9.5
1401 GINOGRAF Four additional example programs have been added to the GINOGRAF release 9.5
1235 GINOMENU for Windows GINOMENU can how handle 128×128 bit ICO files and BMP files up to 128×128 pixles with 4, 8 and 24bit colour formats as contents of its icon buttons (gmCreateIcon()). 9.5
1324   All local multidimensional arrays in GINOMENU F90 interface have been converted to use allocatable storage to prevent possible stack overflow problems. 9.5
1354   GINOMENU now handles small external ico and bmp icon files of 16×16 pixels. See also PER 1388. All DLL resource icons should be based on a 32×32 pixel grid, centred if smaller. 9.5
1397   Two new properties, gmActiveCol and gmInactveCol have been added for text entries. These match gmOffCol and gmOnCol, but were not intuative with their existing names. 9.5
1387 GINOMENU Studio A new Subroutine/Function list has been added to the Code Editor enabling jump-to feature when working on Global and User subroutins in the project. 9.5
1396   A suggestion to change the name of the F90 module to .mod, rather than MSTUDIO.MOD, was rejected as it would render some projects non-upwards compatible. 9.5
1398   Added a module dependency check of project external source files and recomple as part of project build if required. 9.5

Bug fixes

PUR Product Name Summary Version
1866 WOGL – Windows OpenGL Driver Hardware clipping was not correctly swiched off when a mask had been defined. Software clipping is now correctly established under such circumstances. 9.0c
1869   Operating a viewing loop of complex faceted objects could lead to program not responding and not updating screen correctly. This has been fixed. 9.0f
1873   A problem when setting a 2D window on a 3D device (e.g. gWogl) with the screen remained blank after calling gNewDrawing() has been fixed. 9.5
1861 GINO Library The DXF file limits returned by gEnqDXFLimits() did not include limits of encompased BLOCK entities. This has been corrected. 9.0a
1862   An access violation occurred when using gOpenSeg() in an application built using the Silverfrost 64bit compiler. An intenal variable had not been initialised and now is. 9.0a
1863   The set of Windows colours documented for the GINOMENU GUIWIN driver were being overwritten by GINO in its initialisation. This has been fixed. 9.0a
1864   Problems using polygons in segments with the Silverfrost 64bit complier has been fixed. 9.0b
1865   Further problems with polygons (including segment hit) and setting of segment attributes with the Software Display File (SDF) in all implmentations have been fixed. 9.0c
1867   A problem with changes of transfomations within referenced segments affecting complex polygons cannot be resolved as such polygons are composed of transformed coordinates and thus not affected by subseqent local changes in transformation. 9.0
1868   Problems with using the new segment attribute routines and using gEnqSegHit(PICHIT) where the segment contained complex polygons (GFILL) have been fixed. 9.0d
1870   A problem using gSetSegTransform() with segment groups when using SDF in memory mode has been fixed. 9.0e
1872   The GINO Error Console window is now correctly displayed when required in the 64bit GINO implmentations. 9.0e
1878   The JPEG, PNG, DXF and SVG drivers could not be changed to produce greyscale or monochrome output using the gSetColourInfo() routine. This has been fixed in the latest version. 9.5
1860 GINOSURF The routine gsDrawWireFrameSurface() now correctly draws a wire frame surface when GINOSURF is operating in 3D mode. 9.0a
1875 GINOMENU for Windows Using gmSetWidgetProp() to set a value entry limits to equal values previously allowed no range but now removes the limits and allows any value to be set by the user. 9.5
1877   The dropdown menus in GINOMENU were not always wide enough to contain the widest text in the menu. The width calculation has been modified to correct this. 9.5
1874 GINOMENU Studio A bug introduced in version 9.0 when handling user blocks greater than 32K and generating their routine list has been fixed. 9.5
1876   Extra checks have been added when setting graphics frame limits to prevent inverse or equal values which previously produced GINOMENU errors and removed the widget from the screen. 9.5

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