v9.0 Release Notes – Aug 1st 2019

Version 9.0 represents a new release and build encompassing the following products:


GINO v9.0
GINOMENU Studio v9.0


Product Enhancements Database
Bug-Fix Database

Product Enhancements

PER Product Name Summary Version
1365 Salford FTN95 (Win64) A new Silverfrost 64bit implementation of GINO has been released with all the GINO products available. 9.0
1334 GINO Library A new optional argument has been added to the gDrawSeg() and gEnqSegHit() routines allowing processing of segments in numeric or created order. 9.0
1335   A new optional segment comment attribute has been added to the Software Display File (SDF) facilities proving a means to store textual data associated with a segment. 9.0
1366   A request to provide a compacting option for the Software Display File has been alieviated by the resoration of the free chain pointers when using gRetrieveSegs(SDFRES), ensuring new segments always occupy any existing free blocks in the file or memory. 8.5a
1367   Additional shear settings have been added to the matrix building and segment transfrom routines through generic interfaces. 9.0
1372   Global area filling attributes have been seperated from the area filling routines providing a common scheme as with other drawing attributes. New generic interfaces have been provided but with the existing routines still available. 9.0
1373   A new set of segment drawing attribute routines have been added to enable the setting or enquiry of character, line, font, string, facet and filling attributes of an existing segment in the Software Display File (SDF). 9.0
1313 GINOMENU for Windows Additional information is now returned in the iargs array by EnqActionState indicating whether a copy, cut or paste action has been carried out on an array grid. 8.5
1323   A new option of a reverse search in gmFindText() has been added using the new gmDirection optional argument of GUP. GDOWN is the default. 9.0
1344   Icon buttons can now be attached to array grid cells in the same way as push buttons and combo boxes. The button is resized to fit the cell, but the icon graphics is not scaled not fit it. 9.0
1369   An “Out of Memory” message box is now displayed, as appropriate, when creating, or adding or removing rows or columns from an array grid, averting a crash of the application. 9.0
1370   A request to clear clipboard contents can be achieved using gExecuteSysCommand(‘cmd /c “echo off/clip”‘) UNLESS Microsoft Word has been installed when tools in that package have to be used. 8.5
1375   Two new cursor icon resources have been added to the library MCUR1021.CUR (fist) and MCUR1022.CUR (simple down arrow). These are accessible through gmGetCursorResource() 9.0
1376   The Treeview widget has been considerably enhanced with a new Checkbox type (gmTreeViewType), additional options in gmTreeViewAction() and an unselectablility status for entries controlled through gmSetWidgetStatus(). 9.0
1377   A new change callback has been added for Array Grids, returning the column (status=1) or row (status=2) number (in iargs) when it has been resized by the user. 9.0
1378   Combo box widgets can now be attached to read-only array grid cells only accepting entries from the list. 9.0
1380   Array Grid labels are now highlighted to indicate rows and columns with selected cells. 9.0
1381   A request to give user control over dialogue window pane width vs height priority was implemented but is not documented as it also affected the display of tool bars and progress bars giving undesired results. 9.0
1382   The gmReadOnly property has been added to TableBox widgets to prevent users sorting the contents by clicking on the column header. The default is for the widget to ‘sortable’. 9.0
1383 GINOMENU Studio The GINOMENU Studio title bar now displays ‘*’ indicator when project has been modifed and the callback code block combo list displays ‘!’ where code blocks are present in the project. 9.0
1384   The action of moving a dialogue window (including the master form) no longer selects this as the current widget, updating the code block accordingly. The form has to clicked on or selected from tree view to make it the current widget now. 9.0
1385   Buttons, toggles, icons, combo and list boxes can now be added as children of text and value arrays, with a coding suggestion dialogue as to how to attach them to a particular cell. 9.0
1386   A new cataegory has been added to the syntax highlighting facility within the code editor to recognise GINO predefined types. E.g. GACTION. The font and colour can be altered but the default is set in DEFAULTS.SYN 9.0

Bug fixes

PUR Product Name Summary Version
1846 GINO Library A problem with erronious hits returned by gEnqSegHit(PICHIT) for polyine primatives has been fixed. 8.5a
1849   A fix to gEnqRGB has prevented an access violation when returning a value from gTrueCol(0.0,0.0,0.0). 9.0
1847 GINOGRAF User encountered change of axes position after calling ggAddGraphValues due to change of character dimensions. Solution is to fix position of axes using ggSetAxesPos(). 8.5
1853   The position of the Y axis scale factor has been adjusted to centralise its display to prevent posible left boundary overflow. 9.0
1844 GINOMENU for Windows The default background colour of combo lists and list boxes has been changed from grey back to white as in previous versions of GINOMENU. 8.5a
1845   Various changes have been made in the handling of hidden rows and columns in array grids incuding fixing scrolling problems and improving performance. 8.5b
1848   Documentation for gmSetPageSetupAttribs() does not make it clear that the routine ONLY affects printer output, not the output in any text widget. This has been clarified in the new User Guide. 9.0
1850   An attempt to reduce the font size of combo box drop down lists failed because there is a mininum permitted size dictated by the API. There is no restriction when increasing their size. 9.0
1851   A possible program crash wth certain array grid sizes during mouse movement has been fixed. It was due to a memory over-run. 8.5c
1852   Property List widgets now take account of widget font properties. 9.0
1854 GINOMENU Studio The Description Width property now works for List Box widgets. 9.0

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