New/Modified routines in v9.5

New routines
gSvg – Scalable Vector Graphics Format metafile
gEnqDXFBlocks(unit,block,n,count,total) – returns list of block names

Generic Interfaces added to:
gEnqSegStrAttribs() – Procedure overload using GSTRSTY
gSetSegStrAttribs() – Procedure overload using GSTRSTY
gEnqSegCharAttribs() – Procedure overload using modified GCHASTY

Modified routines
gEnqDXFEntities() – includes count of SPLINE and INSERT entities
gGetDXFFile() – includes interpretation of SPLINE curves and 2D polyline elevation (Z)
gPutImageFile() – allow ICO files up to 256×256 pixels and 24 bit colour. Also include
generation of multiple ICO file format (GMULTIICOFLE)

New defined constants

Modified structures
GSTRSTY – New contaning segment string attributes
GCHASTY – Add mode, softra and esccha attributes to make consistent between characters and seg attributes

Internal changes
Replaced majority of DO LOOP labels with DO/END DO syntax
Change default metafile output name from <device>.OUT to <exename>.<ext>